Wrestling MS Cycling Distance Challenge 2023

1**Must be on Straval 3 Examples for clarity: Duane Fritchie – WrestlingMS, Les Gatrel-Wresting MS Wendy Kite – WrestlingMS etc. etc.

2. ***Must enter the “WrestingMS Cycling Distance Challenge” which WrestlingMS riders will be invited to participate in. The Challenge will run from May ist through September 30* a total of 153 days. The goal is to attain as many miles (points), that is 1 point per mile) as possible by riding. **** (2000 points is necessary to own your bike and all 2000 can accrue from attending rides, riding segments, and riding the “WrestlingMS Cycling Distance Challenge”. However, additional points may be redeemed in place of riding. Not covered here.

3 Receive 10 miles (points) per team training ride you attend in addition to the miles you ride.For example, you attend a team ride and ride 12 miles, the total points for that ride is 22 points Le., 10 for attending the training ride plus 12 for the miles. There will be approximately 40 training rides over this May through September time frame.

4. Ride our final fundraising event at Reeds Wildlife. 50 points

5. Ride designated segments over the May through September time frame. You can ride any designated segment as manytimes as you like but only one of those attempts (your fastest) will count as your official designated segment where you will earn quadruple points for that segment!!! Since designated segments will generally be longer rides/segments usually 7 to 30 miles, and we want to emphasize longer rides, the mileage will count as quadruple miles (points). For example, there will be a designated segment for our final fundraiser ride at Reeds Wildlife. Let’s assume it is 14 miles long, so you earn 56 milles (points) for that one segment!
14 ÷ (14 X3) = 56!111

John Doe = WrestlingMS
1. Joins “WrestlingMS Cycling Distance Challenge” and rides 980 miles = 980 points
2. John attends 22 of the * 40 training rides 22 X 10 = 220 points
John rides 10 designated segments for 150 miles. The 150 miles is part of the 980 miles in the Distance Challenge but another 150 X 3 mlesis added to the total for another 450 points = 450
4. John rides the final fund-raising ride = 50 points
5. Total ride points = 1700 points
150 points points
1700 points
** Must means an absolute requirement for me to assign points for your miles ridden and designated segment ridden points, you MUST sign up for Strave in the manner indicated in # 1
*** Strava will track your points (miles)
for me on the “Wrestling MS Cycling Distance Challenge” when I create the Challenge
I will use a spreadsheet to trad ride attendance and designated segment points
**** 2000 points is attainable
1 2000 miles on “Wresting MS Cycling Distance Challenge
Attending rides and riding designated segments makes it easier. Additionally, Les will track other points to help accrue 2000 total points to own bike. We will collaborate to determine total mies/points.