Please help Mari-Lynn and me reach our fundraising goal for the 2023 Wrestling MS Bike Ride!

Four years ago, thanks to Wrestling MS, I completed an 80+ mile bike ride on the back of a tandem recumbent bike. It was awesome and I so appreciated Mari-Lynn and all my friends who supported my efforts.

So, pre-pandemic, I rode again, but this time, thanks to your generous donations, I was riding my own single recumbent bike! Wait…how does a guy in a wheelchair ride a bike? Well, it’s kind of tricky. Since my left leg doesn’t work, I have to manually pedal my left leg with my left arm. My right leg still works about 20% so I can still pedal with that leg. That frees up my right arm for steering, shifting and braking. You know…the important stuff. For tough uphill climbs, I have a battery assist. And because I’m strapped into the bike, if any other problems arise (and they have!), I have an awesome team always ready to help me! Once again, I was humbled and enthused by the generous support I received from so many wonderful people…it definitely kept me going on those tough stretches of open road!

This year I plan to ride my recumbent again, but this time I will have Mari-Lynn riding along with me. It’s hard to express how much it means to me to have Mari-Lynn by my side, be part of a team, to set and achieve physical goals, and to have the simple pleasure of going on a bike ride with someone I love. Wrestling MS has made all these things possible for us…won’t you join us in making it possible for other MS Champions? Any amount you can donate is greatly appreciated!


Total = $3,925 Goal = $2,500

Donations $3,925
Goal $9,000