My Story:

In April of 1992, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. At that time, there were no MS therapy drugs, only steroids. I suffered through numbness, optic neuritis, drop foot, vertigo, breathing and swallowing difficulties, and other MS related symptoms. After years of MS exacerbations, I am on one of the available therapies.

I feel with all the advances in MS research and therapies, I might see a cure in my lifetime. I exercise to keep my body strong to be ready for whatever MS brings me.

I love to share healing art with others. I have taught healing arts with residents of Ronald McDonald House-KC. Currently, I help facilitate a local artist with Donor Recognition art for Ronald McDonald Houses across the nation.

Cycling with the WrestlingMS team allows me the opportunity to enjoy riding with friends and teammates, and work at trying to keep MS at bay. I hadn’t ridden a bike for forty years, but having this support posse to encourage me and have my back makes it possible. I am grateful for them.

Please consider helping by making a donation now to support this program, to make a positive change in the lives of those stricken with MS. Thanks kindly for your support!


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