We are Kari, Alek, Brennan, and Brant, an active family that is always on the go. We are eager to share a bike ride on the Katy Trail or a run on the Rock Island every chance we can. Even better is when we can share a bike ride with friends and family. This is why we’re excited to be a part of WrestlingMS.

WrestlingMS was started when our friend, Les, decided to see if biking could help battle his MS symptoms. He progressed from riding on a tandem, to riding on his own bike – in spite of his MS – with just a few months of training. He started feeling better and even completed 90 miles in a single day on the Katy Trail. WrestlingMS works to share the possibility of reducing the symptoms of MS while bringing friends together to spend time riding their bikes.

We need your help to continue our work of putting other people diagnosed with MS on a bike and on their journey toward battling the symptoms of MS with the support of new friends. Donations will be used to assist in purchasing bikes and equipment, as well as provide training and support, to those diagnosed with MS.

Not sure how much to give? Any amount helps.

Thank you for your support!


Total = $125 Goal = $500

Donations $125
Goal $400