Like many MS patients, when I was diagnosed with MS I saw a future of disability, loss of financial security, and life turned upside down.

That’s when my college fraternity brothers and wrestling teammates challenged me to take up cycling as a way to fight MS. Struggling with a loss of balance, muscle control and strength I couldn’t ride 100 feet when I first started. But through their encouragement and support and dedicated training over the last few years I have made tremendous strides in regaining my health. From the first 12 mile ride on a tandem bike to riding 470 miles across Iowa in 7 days, I have become an avid cyclist and ambassador of cycling covering over 4000 miles in each of the last 4 years!

Inspired by what others have done to help me, and how this cycling program “saved my life”, my friends and I started Les Wrestles MS and the WrestlingMS cycling program with the goal of helping other MS patients like me.

Today WrestlingMS is devoted to helping other MS patients find hope, strength and freedom by wrestling MS through cycling. Please consider helping WrestlingMS deliver on this goal by making a donation to our program! Thank YOU!


Total = $2,180 Goal = $1,500

Donations $2,180
Goal $1,500