Several years ago a friend and college wrestling teammate was stricken with MS. Many of us had already enjoyed biking and we banded together for some rides. What an impact the activity of biking made on his MS symptoms!

From there, we organized a 501C non-profit organization called Wrestling MS and the goal is to purchase bikes for MS patients, help them with training, and encourage them to ride with us and others.

We have observed that there is something unique about bike riding and how it helps with MS. We have already purchased a number of bikes for individuals with MS over the last few years and look to do the same this year.

This October, I’m riding with the WrestlingMS team and many of our MS bike recipients (MS Champions) to raise additional money for our project. Please consider donating to this effort.

Sincerely, Mike/Nick


Total = $0 Goal = $500

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Goal $200