Qualifications for the 2023 The Elite Wrestling MS Champion’s Club

The Elite Wrestling MS Champion’s Club inspires MS Champions to 1, improve their heath through riding while 2, supporting others in their quest for better health while wrestling MS. Achieving these two objectives occurs through riding, and attendance at training rides, meetings, clinics, banquets and etc. and also by direct participation in the growth of the Kansas City Chapter by volunteering hosting. fundraising recruiting and so forth. In order for our Chapter to successfully provide support for MSer, we need your participation in not only riding. but volunteering in various compacities if possible.

Belonging to the The Eilte MS Champion’s Club has two components. The finest is riding and the second is volunteering and attending events. The following information covers methods to accumulate points. Accumulating 2000 points earns membership in the Elke Wresting MS Champion’s Club.

Hopefully, achieving the Elite Wresting MS Champion’s Club leads to better physical, mental and emotional health, while not only helping yourself but helping others. As you know, when you received your riding package through Wresting MS, Westing MS retained ownership of the bike. The first time you make the Elite MS Champions Club, you will own your bike. A minimum of 1000 points of the required 2000 points must come from riding. The other 1000 points can come from the non-riding table below.

You with also receive a plaque for each year you make the elite MS Champion’s Club. Each year the points start over!