Sandra’s story:

I have been a part of the WrestlingMS cycling team for the last few years and may I say it has been a wonderful journey.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2012 and thought a life of limitations and disability is my future. If you would have told me back then I would be part of a cycling team I would have told you no way. So here we are and guess what, I did, I become a member of a cycling team. I surprised myself with what I am able to do. From being only 10 minutes in the saddle, to riding 2.5 hours! I discovered I enjoy riding on different types of trails; getting muddy is a blast. I also discovered I am not ready to commit to clip ins…yet. Furthermore I realized I can ride 52 miles in 2 day, which was the distance I biked during our WrestlingMS fundraiser ride. It was amazing!

We are having our annual fundraiser ride. WrestlingMS supplies MS patients, like me, with a bike and all the equipment necessary to start biking at no cost to the patient. The physical benefits as well as the team support and camaraderie are wonderful. It would be great if you could support the cause and help other MS patients, like me, get on a bike. Any amount is highly appreciated.

Thank you for your support. Vielen Dank.

Sandra & Ken


Total = $4,580 Goal = $5,000

Donations $4,580
Goal $1,000