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Sponsorships are an integral part of WrestlingMS. The funds will allow WrestlingMS to fund the different levels of MS patients with proper equipment to help them to have a healthier life. It will also provide WrestlingMS to expand across the U.S. in creating Pods where MS patients have a structured system to help them to better health through biking activity. Through your sponsorship, WrestlingMS can expand their growth in providing a better health to MS patients across the country.

“This program has allowed me to meet people and create friends I did not have before. It is nice to have a common reason for being around each other and never talking about it. We talk about bikes, the rides coming up and preparing for them.

The program and riding pushed me to become better at eating, hydrating, and biking. MS will always be on my mind, but it takes up less time now. New parts, recent rides, and bikes are top of mind. This team motivates and drives me to be better.”

~Todd Prehm

Sponsorship Levels


  • Bill Gatreaux
  • Brennand and Kari Benkert
  • Duane and Mary Fritchie
  • Employees of Mary Fritchie
  • Employees of Ervin Cable Co.
  • James E. Copeland Jr.
  • Lestar L. “Tex” Gatrel Sr.
  • PRIER: Joe Poskin and Nick Manning
  • Scott A. Moon


  • David Poskin
  • Duane and Mary Fritchie
  • Kathy and Dick Kasper
  • Les Gatrel and Kim Watson
  • LETTERSMITH Sign and Deed Co. (Roger and Micki Hammer & Family)
  • Mari-Lynn Poskin
  • Merrill and Marj Norris
  • Mike and Francesca Hagerty
  • PRIER: Joe Poskin and Nick Manning
  • Todd Prehm



  • Gary and Lisa Ervin




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