Teresa Denk Smajda

My name is Teresa Denk Smajda and I have MS.

I was diagnosed in May 2004 after several months of unexplained weakness, numbness, tingling, zings down my back, depression, and fatigue. This diagnosis was devastating, but I had hope that I could fight and hold onto my goals. At this time, I had just graduated from nursing school, started my career in nursing and was about to celebrate my second wedding anniversary. I am here today to say that I am a fighter and an optimist. 


Today, I am a wife of 20 years, mom to three children, a nurse practitioner, I have MS and I am one of the newest members of the Wrestling MS cycle program, thanks to Les Gatrel and his friends. This is my newest adventure to keep fighting MS. 


Like many MS patients, myself included, when Les was diagnosed, he saw a future of disability, loss of financial security, and life turned upside down. That’s when his college fraternity brothers, and wrestling teammates challenged Les to take up cycling as a way to fight MS; they then created Les Wrestles MS and the Wrestling MS cycling program with the goal of helping other MS patients like him.



Wrestling MS is devoted to helping other MS patients find hope, strength and freedom by wrestling MS through cycling. I am thrilled and honored to be a part of this program. The goal is to get as many people on bikes as we can and to do that, we need donations to purchase the bikes and gear needed to get MS patients cycling. 


I’ve only been a member for a short time, but I can already say that I feel stronger and more steady than I did before I got my beautiful bike. Please consider helping Wrestling MS deliver on this goal by making a donation to our program! Thank YOU!


Total = $25 Goal = $500

Donations $25
Goal $800