My story:

When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2004 I had no clue what could and would happen. After diagnosis I immediately got on self-injected weekly shot treatment. Little did I know or pay any attention to the fact that MS is always working and does not stop.

For about 10 years I thought I was invincible, but then I had a major relapse, and acute optic neuritis. My vision went from 20/15 in both eyes to 20/1600 in my left eye. My neurologist at that time said, good thing you have two eyes….he needed to improve his bedside manner.

It is not a death sentence but it really causes you to make changes whether you are ready for them or not. Balance, spatial recognition, and memory issues are things I have learned to live with and made changes to accommodate them. So why am I biking you might ask…because I am able to and the freedom is incredible. I have MS…MS does not have me!

Today Wresting MS is devoted to helping other MS patients find hope, strength and freedom by wrestling MS through cycling. Please consider helping Wrestling MS deliver on this goal by making a donation to our program! Thank YOU!


Total = $200 Goal = $500

Donations $1,450
Goal $1,000