We started Wrestling MS and the bike program to help MS patients, like yourself, who are wrestling with the loss of balance, muscle strength and control that MS causes. We provide FREE bikes, cycling equipment, support, training and hope to MS patients who want to cycle to combat the challenges of MS.

“This program has allowed me to meet people and create friends I did not have before. It is nice to have a common reason for being around each other and never talking about it. We talk about bikes, the rides coming up and preparing for them.

The program and riding pushed me to become better at eating, hydrating, and biking. MS will always be on my mind, but it takes up less time now. New parts, recent rides, and bikes are top of mind. This team motivates and drives me to be better.”

~Todd Prehm


We set up the Wrestling MS Bike Program and Cycling Team specifically to assist MS patients to take up cycling. We know cycling can improve the balance, muscle control and strength of many MS patients.

Through our partnership with Primal Wear and their ‘I Ride With MS’ program, every MS patient that cycles are eligible to become a member of the Wrestling MS National Cycling Team. We are not a competitive cycling team, we are a team for MS patients who cycle. We also have non-MS patients who ride as part of our team to support MS patients through encouragement, coaching and peer-to-peer fundraising. If you are an MS patient who cycles, we welcome you to join the team and ride with us, enjoy great friendships and help other MS patients get on a bike. As part of our team we are committed to providing you camaraderie, support, hope, coaching and training.

“Wrestling MS has changed my life and the way I deal with my MS limitations. Before Wrestling MS, I assumed I would never be able to ride a bike again. I was in a wheelchair full time, filled with self doubt and barely able to transition in the bathroom. How could I even think about getting on a bike??

Well, the founders and leaders at Wrestling MS wouldn’t accept my “I can’t do that…sorry….response.” Instead, they strapped me on the back of a tandem recumbent bike and the lead rider told me; “Help out if you can, if not, I’ll do the pedaling and you enjoy the fresh air.” Well…after a few miles of doing nothing on the back of this bike…I started using my upper body arm strength to pump my legs. Before long, I was actually helping pedal that tandem bike forward! In fact, within a few months, we rode that tandem bike on Bike MS…almost 100 miles over two days!! The best part was that we were joined by almost 20 riders from our Wrestling MS team. It was an awesome feeling of personal accomplishment and team camaraderie!!

Not satisfied to let me rest on my laurels, Wrestling MS presented me with a single recumbent bike and challenged me to the next level. Fast forward almost two years and I have completed hundreds of rides…by myself, with my wife and my Wrestling MS team…over 2000 miles! I can truly say that none of this would have been possible without the leadership, encouragement and dedication of the Wrestling MS program!”

~David Poskin